Prior to SenseAbilities coaching, I had no experience with a life coach and didn't really know what to expect. I'd seen "traditional therapists" in the past, but didn't feel that therapy what was a good fit to address what was troubling me. When I began working with Sylvia, I was struck by how comfortable I felt opening up to her about things I had hardly admitted to myself. The questions she asked were not easy ones, and while she was learning more about my situation or how she might be able to assist me through my answers, her questions actually helped me to think about what I was facing in a different light. Throughout our coaching sessions, Sylvia offered me tangible, actionable to-do's that really helped me to work through the problems I was facing. I would often refer to my notes from our conversations to help me to stay focused on my goals and think about things in a fruitful manner. Given Sylvia's breadth of life experiences and dynamic background, I felt she was able to understand the situation that initially drew me to her coaching and in the future, I will look to her again should I need coaching through an obstacle

     - Client, Sarasota, FL


     - Client, Sanford, FL